1R – Mr. Hamilton

This is a Report from Mr Hamilton

Autumn Detectives

On Monday 5th October we went out to look for signs of Autumn. Already around the school, we found many leaves turning brown and falling to the ground. We continued our investigation in Ennismore.

Evidence of Autumn that we found included:

Seeds (acorns, chestnuts, sweet chestnuts, pine cones, sycamore helicopters and barley). Many plants make their seeds during the Summer and they are ready by Autumn. That is why you can find so many seeds in the Autumn.

Fallen leaves (Oak, Sycamore, Ash and many others). Deciduous trees lose their leaves in Autumn because the trees go dormant (go to sleep) in the winter.

Mushrooms – You can find mushrooms at any time of year, but they are most common in the early Autumn.


1R nature (4)

1R on a nature walk

1R nature (2)

This is Niamh holding an acorn in her hand showing what she found when walking on the footpath looking for treasure things and having fun in the woods.

1R nature (3)

This is Mr. Hamliton holding pine cone and mushrooms in the forest well they were walking a pass inside the woods and they came across this to show people what they found.

 Thanks from Liz