By Megan

We have a Debs every two years when the LCA1,LCA2,LFL1,LFL2 students dress up and have a party and just have a good night. This year 2016 on March 15th we will have the Debs in Silvers  Springs hotel.  We also have a committee for planning for the Debs we are all looking forward for the Debs.  This is the Debs notice board

Debs 2014 notice board

Debs 2014 notice board

On the Committee: Laura and Megan/Craig/Liz/Nicole/Xean

Staff: Elaine Deirdre


By Laura<3

The girls wear lovely dresses and get their hair and make-up done and nails this would be a very special night to us and the lads go and get outstanding suits that night it is a great night for all of us all the staff and students are looking forward to it!!