Basketball report by Elizabeth O’Keeffe

We play basketball every Friday.

On the 25th of November the girls’ basketball teams travelled to Tralee for a Basketball Tournament. We had 3 teams taking part. All teams did really well with our senior girls winning the tournament.

On the 26th of November the boys’ basketball teams travelled to Tralee. All three teams did really well with our junior team coming 2nd.

Basketball panel 2015

All the girls in Tralee

These are the teams at Tralee basketball match on Wednesday there were three teams that went down.

Basketball team 2015


This is the Senior Team who won the final.  This is the team who was playing  and some of them got one trophy and  three people got two trophies – Elizabeth,  Natasha and Helen.

Happy Basketball players in Tralee!

Happy Basketball players in Tralee!

This is us on the basketball match in Tralee this is the team who won the final getting pictures taken and lining up to get trophies and medals.